Alan Smiley Owner of Dynamic Painting

I started Dynamic Painting after 20+ years in the professional painting industry. I began painting condominiums as a teenager; with a little hard work and determination – I have been fortunate enough to chase the entrepreneurial dream. I have been a Columbus, Ohio painter for many years now and have a lifetime of professional painting experience around the Central Ohio region. I have numerous references available that will demonstrate how we are the best Columbus, Ohio painting company.

Please visit my LinkedIn page to see more information about me as well as our Testimonials page to see what customers are saying about our work.

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Instead of sending out direct mail promising 40% off (given the cost of printing/mailing, how is that even possible?)… we’re going to make it easy on you:

You get our best price. Every time. Guaranteed.
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Quality work from a credible company at an affordable price.

That’s our specialty.

If you receive multiple bids and would like to discuss the differences, we are happy to do so. We take pride in providing a quality painting experience for you – that means taking the frustration out of figuring out the best practice or most affordable option. We provide a detailed explanation of what we’re going to do as well as what you should expect from us when we’re finished. That way, you can get back to doing what’s important to you and leave the work to us.

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