Improve the exterior look of your home by painting.

Start by looking at the painting services listed then see recent examples in the portfolio of our exterior painting.

A simple upgrade

We have been improving the look of homes by painting the exterior for over 20+ years. Those years of experience provide a unique insight into popular trends, effective remedies, and unlocking the “wow” factor.

  • Paint or stain
    either is available for painting the exterior wooden surfaces on your home (and we will provide a suggestion for you based on your situation)
  • Trim
    the easiest, most cost-effective way to upgrading the look of your home
  • Stucco
    chances are the original, contractor-applied stucco paint is poor quality; bad stucco has cracks and discoloration; painting the stucco will ensure the main portion of your home’s exterior is in pristine condition for years
  • Siding
    interested in a color change? Contrasting the body of your home with your trim color is a very popular option
  • Windows
    wooden window panes are time consuming to paint, however, it can adding a quality paint can add years of durability
  • Shutters
    these can wear with the harsh Columbus, Ohio weather seasons; protect them with high quality paint
  • Front door
    generally, your front door should “pop” if done correctly. With the right color, it can be a valuable accent
  • Garage door(s)
    our recommendation is actually to not paint your garage door unless it is desperately needed; once you paint it, the garage door will require mandatory, regular maintenance (painting as frequently as the trim/body)
  • Decks
    we can paint or stain the floorboards of your deck along with the railing and steps; you’ll be ready for grill season and entertaining guests
  • Fences
    we can paint or stain your exterior fence. Whether the dog has been clawing or the weather has been deteriorating your fence, we can make it look new again.

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